Welcome to the gallery

I like to draw in my spare time using an old version of adobe photoshop 7.0 mostly using just the simple brush and polygonal lasso tools

Filenames containing wip are single layer work in progress images which I saved every so often from my original multilayer .psd's which you will find at the bottom of this page

Filenames containing bbc are very low resolution versions for the Acorn BBC Micro Computer

abbott and costello wip 0001.png
abbott and costello wip 0002.png
abbott and costello wip 0003.png
abbott and costello wip 0004.png
abbott and costello wip 0005.png
abbott and costello wip 0006.png
abbott and costello wip 0007.png
bad coke bbc.png
bad coke.png
big brother 01 bbc.png
big brother 02.png
dalek bbc.png
dalek wip 0001.png
dalek wip 0002.png
dalek wip 0003.png
dalek wip 0004.png
dalek wip 0005.png
dalek wip 0006.png
dalek wip 0007.png
girl bbc.png
girl wip 0001.png
girl wip 0002.png
girl wip 0003.png
girl wip 0004.png
girl wip 0005.png
girl wip 0006.png
girl wip 0007.png
gort bbc mode 1.png
gort bbc mode 2.png
gort gray.png
hendrix bbc.png
hendrix color swirls.png
hendrix original.png
incursion bbc.png
invader bbc.png
lena 4 colors.png
lena bbc.png
locutus bbc 1.png
locutus bbc 2.png
locutus bbc 3.png
maria bbc.png
mister bladbelly bbc.png
pcb tile.png
pink floyd wish you were here original.png
pink floyd wish you were here textured.png
sausage bbc.png
sausage original.png
sausage sign original.png
skeletor bbc.png
skeletor wip 0001.png
skeletor wip 0002.png
skeletor wip 0003.png
skeletor wip 0004.png
skeletor wip 0005.png
skeletor wip 0006.png
skeletor wip 0007.png
skeletor wip 0008.png
superman hair cut bbc.png
superman hair cut wip 0001.png
superman hair cut wip 0002.png
the blues brothers bbc.png
the blues brothers original.png
the blues brothers wip 0001.png
the blues brothers wip 0002.png
the blues brothers wip 0003.png
the blues brothers wip 0004.png
the blues brothers wip 0005.png
the blues brothers wip 0006.png
the blues brothers wip 0007.png
the blues brothers wip 0008.png
the blues brothers wip 0009.png
the blues brothers wip 0010.png
the monster bbc.png
the monster.png
vision bbc.png

bad coke.psd
lena 4 colors.psd
superman hair cut.psd
the blues brothers.psd
the monster.psd