Lady Bug (work in progress)

Project on hold right now, writing a port for the BBC Computer first as I know the hardware and development will be quicker. Later I can then port the BBC version to the nintendo quickly.

I plan to write a port of Universal's Lady Bug arcade game from 1981 for the 8 Bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games console, its a really fun game and gets intense as you progress to the higher levels (jump forward to 14 minutes into the video to see how crazy it gets). I have the original arcade pcb which is sadly dead now from old age but I have saved the data from the program and graphics eproms and I have recently written a Z80 disassembler so I can disassemble the original game code. I am currently studying it to figure out the functions and the timing so I can recreate the game as close as possible to the original arcade game, once I have completed this I will start on the rewrite of the game in 6502 assembly for the NES. Updates coming soon.